Getting Started with Direct Deposit

Getting Started with Direct Deposit

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Direct Deposit (DD) adds a new menu item Print Direct Deposit Paychecks. This lists the employees who want direct deposit, prints a check-like, one employee per page report and also creates the file that the bank needs.

You will need to contact your bank for their requirements. 21st Century Accounting supports:
• Nacha format
• Intercept Corporation
• Wells Fargo Bank
• Comma separated values

Prepare Payroll for Direct Deposit

1.Sign an agreement with the provider. Obtain any information you need from the provider, which may include a PIN, a Tax ID (EIN), a login ID, and a password.

2.Obtain agreements, required by the provider, with each employee who wishes to use Direct Deposit.

3.Run Payroll/Configure/Company Information. The Direct Deposit file requires special configuring in order to be created in the format required by your Direct Deposit provider. You need to do this only once.
In the Direct Deposit section at the bottom of the Payroll/Configure/ Company Information window, enter the following:
    a.Interface type. Select your provider or the Interface type required by your provider from the drop-down list.
    b.Enter any additional required information, which should be supplied by your provider.
    c.Press the OK button to finish.

The Interface type “Generic CSV” generates a generic file that can be modified for providers who are not directly supported. The Generic CSV file format is included for your information at the end of these instructions.
The type "none" indicates that you do not want to use Direct Deposit.

Configure Employees for Direct Deposit
Next you “turn on” Direct Deposit and provide the bank information for the employees who want Direct Deposit of their paychecks.

4.Run Payroll/Configure/Employees
    a.Mark the “Direct deposit paychecks” checkbox on the Personnel tab in Payroll/Configure/Employees for each employee who elects Direct Deposit of paychecks.
    b.At “Bank ABA number,” enter the ABA (routing) number of the employee’s bank.
    c.At “Bank account #,” enter the employee’s bank account number.
    d.At “Account type,” select the account type.
    e.At “Dist.Amt or %,” enter the amount or percent to deposit.

Submit a NACHA Prenote File (NACHA interface users only)
If you’re using the NACHA interface, from the Payroll menu you generate a “Prenote" file to test the company’s Direct Deposit setup.

5.Run Payroll/Electronic Filing/NACHA Prenote File for Direct Deposit.
    a.Verify the Payroll bank account ID, bank account number, and the effective date. Click OK.
    b.The displayed employee list should include the employees who are new to Direct Deposit and those whose Direct Deposit configuration has changed since the last time you submitted a Prenote file. Make sure that the new and changed Direct Deposit employees are checked. Click OK.
Payroll creates the Prenote file and stores it in the export folder in the company data folder. Follow the instructions you received for sending the file to your provider.

Prepare Paychecks
You then calculate pay and print regular paychecks (if any) and non-negotiable paychecks to give DD employees for their records. The process creates a Direct Deposit file, which you can then submit to your Direct Deposit agent or provider.

6.Run Payroll/Calculate Payroll and print paychecks (if any).
    a.Run Calculate Payroll. When you run Calculate Payroll, the Payroll run creates temporary Payroll calculations for both Direct Deposit employees (if any) and for employees who want a printed paycheck (if any).
    b.Print regular paychecks if any of the calculated employees require checks.
    Skip this step if all the employees in the selected pay frequencies are Direct Deposit employees.
    You print and post regular checks from within Calculate Payroll or with Print/Paychecks. The system automatically selects only the employees who are configured for printed paychecks. You finish processing “paychecks” for the Direct Deposit employees in the next step.

7.Run Payroll/Print/Direct Deposit Paychecks in order to –
    a.Print a non-negotiable check and stub for distribution to each Direct Deposit employee in the pay frequencies you just ran.
    b.Automatically post the pay run to your books for the Direct Deposit employees in the selected pay frequencies.
    c.Automatically create the Direct Deposit Paychecks file that contains each Direct Deposit employee’s paycheck and bank account information. A message appears on the screen telling you the name of this file.
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