Run the Depends Utility

Run the Depends Utility

Postby Customer Service » January 14th, 2012, 4:15 am

The 'Depends' utility is a Microsoft tool that helps us determine what Windows software available on your computer is being used by our accounting software. Here are the instructions to setup and run the Dependency Checker:

On the computer where the problem is occurring:

1. Shut down C21, then click on the link ... HK_101.exe. That should open your internet browser and start a download from our website.
2. You should see an option to “Open” the file - that will be the easiest way to go. This program will install the Microsoft tool.
3. At the end of the installation you will have the option to run the diagnostic program, which will in turn run C21.
4. When C21 starts, login as usual, select your company, if necessary, then perform the steps that cause the error to occur, then exit out of C21.
5. After exiting C21, email to us the diagnostic output file whose name should show on your screen (reference the instructions that will display in the black MS-DOS Command window. There should be a “c21.dwi” file in the \c21\bin folder on the computer where the C21 program is installed).
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