Fatal Error launching C21 at workstation

Fatal Error launching C21 at workstation

Postby Technical Support » July 21st, 2016, 3:02 pm

Fatal error in C21. Aborting.
While executing "@dbMgr dbManagerInfo" (procedure "sysMenu" line 87) invoked from within
"sysMenu $w" (procedure "sysMainCreate" line 26) invoked from within
"sysMainCreate" (procedure "main" line 243) invoked from within "main"

The first time you select a company in C21, the program has to use a special command to tell Pervasive to create a special database name relationship for that one company. When a request to create that relationship comes from a workstation, C21 has to provide Pervasive with a Windows ID and password that has permission to create that database name relationship. If this is a “new” company because you have recently restored a backup, the resulting folder may not have had the name relationship set up by Pervasive. If you are getting that message about insufficient access rights repeatedly, you need to run the System/Company/Configure Database Access command for each “new” company you restore. In the ID and Password you’ll enter a Windows administrator ID and Password you would use to log in to the main server computer. The ID here is not a C21 user, it has to be the Windows ID and password that would allow you to log in to Windows at the server as a "full blown" administrator. Or; if you select a company directly at the server, you don't need any special credentials for Pervasive because everything is on the local computer. After the first selection at the server, then you should be able to select the company at the workstations without any problems.
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