Activating a Permanent PSQL license Key

Pervasive installation issues.

Activating a Permanent PSQL license Key

Postby Technical Support » December 4th, 2014, 5:41 pm

21st Century Accounting runs on the PSQL database engine made by Actian corporation (formerly known as Pervasive). These software programs are installed together, but are licensed separately.
NOTE: In multi-user systems, the license is to be activated only at the server (the computer where the C21 program is installed).

To activate a permanent PSQL license key:

1. Determine which computer on your network is your C21 application server.
---------If C21 is already installed, you can use the Help//About command within the program.
---------The "System Folder" will tell you which computer the C21 Accounting system is installed on.

2. Log onto the server computer as a Windows Administrator.

3-a. On Windows 7 and earlier computers, open the Start Menu, select All Programs.
3-b. On Windows 8 computers, tap the Window icon on your task bar to go to your start screen.
---------Swipe up or tap the lower left corner of the Start Screen to show your programs list.
---------Depending on the arrangement, you should find all of the Actian PSQL parts grouped together.

4. Choose Pervasive or Actian/PSQL 10, 11 or 12/Utilities/License Administrator.
5. Copy and paste the provided key into the License Key box.
6. Click the Activate button.
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