B3014: The MicroKernel router cannot find an engine

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B3014: The MicroKernel router cannot find an engine

Postby Customer Service » January 14th, 2012, 3:57 am

The most common cause is going to be that the Pervasive server engine is not installed or not functioning at the computer where the relevant company database is located. There are two likely contexts for this condition.

    The product was just installed and when running the initial company selection of Netcon fails with this code.

Was the “Full” install done directly at the “server” computer? If not, you will need to install it there.
Was the failure at a workstation? If so, try running C21 directly at the server. If this fails, it could be that the installation was not complete for some reason. Try reinstalling.
If server failure continues, you will need to ascertain what is blocking Pervasive from running properly. If running at the server works properly, there could be some kind of block due to firewall or anti virus software.
    The product has been installed and running for some time and is suddenly failing.

The Pervasive engine at the server has probably aborted/stopped for some reason. Restarting all computers will likely resolve the problem.
If restarting the computers does not work, some external change may have caused a problem, such as some Microsoft Windows update or a new installation/change in firewall or anti virus software.
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