Pervasive PSQL Error code 7025

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Pervasive PSQL Error code 7025

Postby Technical Support » November 9th, 2016, 8:17 pm

Pervasive PSQL error code 7025
7025: Server Name not found
A connection could not be established because the server you specified cannot be found. Check the server name and try again.

This is an indication that your workstation (or "client") is not able to connect to your server computer because the server has been moved or its name has changed. When connection to an active PSQL license cannot be made, the program cannot access an active license to carry the data and subsequently, a license failure usually occurs at the workstation after this message is seen.

We recommend that you restart the database engine at the server, and confirm that C21 will run on the server locally. If you can run the program at the server and access the data successfully, restart your workstation and try accessing the program through your network by launching //<YOUR_SERVER>/C21/bin/c21.exe. If the failure persists, you should consult your network technicians for possible issues with server or network settings that may have changed or been reconfigured.

This failure is not an indication that your data is damaged or that there is a defect in the C21 program itself.
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