Company no longer appears in Select Company list

Company no longer appears in Select Company list

Postby Technical Support » May 12th, 2016, 7:14 pm

Lost Company
If you cannot find your company data by selecting it from C21, check the ../C21/Data folder for the company you're missing. If you can see the company folder exists and that there is data inside, there may be a problem with the company's name.

C21 company datasets are collections of files that are linked together by contents and file-name references. Each company folder contains a base configuration file within it that should be named exactly the same as the folder with a *.C21 at the end. If the .c21 file and the folder name do not match, the company will not be available for use and will not show in the pick list within the System/Company/Select option.

Chances are that someone recently attempted to rename your company. When a user changes a company's folder name using Windows commands, but does not re-name the base configuration file to match, C21 does not recognize that the data in the folder is C21 company data. Using the System/Company/Rename command within the program,will help avoid this problem by renaming the company folder and the company configuration file at the same time.

How to fix it:
Using Windows explorer, navigate to the C21 data directory (on the server if necessary). Find your company data folder and search inside it for the *.c21 file. When you find the company base file, rename it or the folder so that they match. When the company folder name matches the company base file, the company will be visible in the drop-down list in System//Company//Select command.
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