Reinstalling 21st Century Accounting

Installation issues of 21st Century Accounting software.

Reinstalling 21st Century Accounting

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If you have computer problems that cause the need to reinstall 21st Century Accounting; for example, a computer "crash", use the following guidelines to get restarted.

Re-Installation of a C21 Workstation

If you are reinstalling a 21st Century Accounting workstation computer (as opposed to the main server computer), then choose "Client" when the installation type option displays during the installation process. After that, the computer should be ready to use again - there is no need to change anything on the main C21 server.

Do not try to copy the 21st Century Application files from one place to another. As with almost all Windows applications, you must reinstall from the original media in order to install the proper data drivers and registry entries and to make sure all support files are placed where the application expects to find them.

Re-Installation of the C21 Server

If you are reinstalling the main 21st Century Accounting server computer, then choose "Full" when the installation type option displays during the installation process, and then proceed to the following steps. (In the following steps the \C21 folder refers to main 21st Century Accounting installation folder.)

After you have installed the program from the full installation CD, download and install the latest cumulative (all changes) update, available from our website here: ... grades.php
If you use the Payroll module, then download and install the latest Payroll Tax update, available from our website here: ... pdates.php (You will be able to download software and Payroll tax updates only if you are a current subscriber)

Transferring company information

All of your accounting data and program settings are stored within the files in the \C21\data folder.
If you have a full, current copy of your original \C21\data folder, copy it into the new program installation. Otherwise, if you have a copy of the \C21\data folder from any other point in time, you can restore it to use as a starting point.

If for some reason you are not able to transfer your current information from these folders, then review and perform the following steps, as applicable:

1. Review user IDs and Access Control settings and create any new ones you need
2. If you have any Payroll user-defined taxes, review them and create any new ones you need. User defined taxes must have the same names that they had in the previous installation. Thus, it is essential that you select and save user defined taxes from your old installation before you select companies for the first time. Company selection can alter user tax names beyond your ability to repair. If necessary, make a temporary copy of your company(s) to review the name(s) used in Payroll/Configure/Taxes. Otherwise, if you have a copy of the \C21\data folder from any point in time, restore it to use as a starting point.
3. If you have a copy of the \C21\reports\custom folder from any point in time, restore that to use as a starting point.

Add-ons and Payroll Tax Updates

If you use payroll, install the latest Payroll Tax Update, which is cumulative for each year, so you'll be running the current year's Payroll tax calculations.

If you purchased any Add-on products for the 21st Century Accounting program, such as Tax Form Kit, Direct Deposit, Report Customizer, Custom programmed modules, etc., then you must install those products from the CD or installer file you received from us.

Use the Restore Window Defaults command to avoid any issues with command window visibility. You can re-size and reposition command windows as desired as you use the program.

If you have the Report Customizer and/or were using any custom form or report definitions, then those definitions would have existed in the \C21\reports\custom folder of your previous installation.

In a new installation you will need to create a custom folder. If you have a copy of the contents of that folder then copy those files into your new installation.

Review Preferences

1. Run the System/Company/Preferences command. You should review the settings on all tabs in any case. If you have restored custom forms and/or report definitions (see step #3), then especially go to the Forms tab, click on the Refresh button and then set all the form choice selections as needed.
2. You should Preview the form layouts and possibly print test pages to make sure the definitions match your current needs.
3. If you did not have a current copy of the \C21\data folder to restore (see step #3), then carefully review the other tabs, especially the Doc. number formats tab. You want those settings to be correct before you post new transactions
4. The program saves printer selections for each Payroll user ID. Each user should run the System/Select Printer and System/Company/Preference : Forms tab commands to make sure the printer selections are appropriate. In the select printer window, verify or select the correct printer and click OK to exit the window whether you changed the selected printer or not, to make sure the selection is registered in the new environment.

Deactivate PVSW

If you already have Pervasive Version 10 or higher, you must deactivate the Pervasive license on your existing computer before you can complete the transition to your new computer. If you are unable to deactivate your Pervasive license, you will have to contact Pervasive directly, so they can re-authorize the license for use on another computer. They will ask you to explain why you cannot deactivate the license key.

They will also ask for some or all of the following information:
Pervasive Serial Number: XXXXXX
Pervasive Invoice Number: XXXXXX
Purchase Date: XXXXXX

Pervasive Customer Support:
Toll Free: 800.287.4383
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