Moving Payroll for Adagio to a new computer

Prepare for the Move

1. Determine your status All new versions of the Windows operating system require Version 12 or higher of PSQL Database Software, a major component of 21st Century Payroll for Adagio.

To determine the version of PSQL that is installed on your computer, start Payroll for Adagio and go to the Help/About command.  If the About window does not show "Database PSQL version 12" or higher, then contact us about obtaining an upgrade before you continue with your transition.

2. Deactive the Database If you have PSQL Version 12 or higher, then you need to deactivate the PSQL license on your existing computer before you can activate it on your new computer. When you are ready to make the transition, go to the Windows Start/All Programs menu. Locate the PSQL menu and open it to PSQL/PSQL12 ../Utilities. Start the License Administrator, highlight the entry for your current license, and click the Deactivate button.

3. Network or Removable Media? Networking your old and new computers together, at least for a period of time, will ease the transfer of files and folders during the move.  Otherwise, plan to use a flash drive, CD or other digital media, to transfer the \adagiopr\data folder and \adagiopr\reports\custom folder (if it exists) from your old computer.

4. You need to have on hand:

  • The latest 21st Century Payroll for Adagio full-installation CD you have received or Installation links we send you
  • Your Serial number
  • Your PSQL database license key

Perform the move

1. Install from the CD or links - Install 21st Century Payroll for Adagio on your new computer from the CD or download links. Select a “Full” installation to set up a new 21st Century Payroll for Adagio “server”.

(Note: Do not try to copy the 21st Century Payroll for Adagio program files from one computer to another.  You must reinstall from the original media when you move to a new computer in order to get the proper registry entries and to make sure all the support files are placed where the application expects to find them.)

2. Install the latest cumulative update - After you have installed from the original CD or links, then download and install the latest cumulative update on your new computer, so you'll be running the latest version.

3. Move the company data to the new computer

  1. We recommend that you copy the \adagiopr\data folder and all its contents over to your new computer. Doing this will get all of your company data files, including system-wide security, user configurations, and payroll tax files.
  2. If the above is not possible (for example, your old computer is not available), then you can use the Backup/Restore commands to move individual companies to your new computer. System-wide security, user configurations, and payroll tax files are not included in company Backups. Click here for instructions for the additional setup needed.

4. Copy customized reports - If you have customized forms or reports, copy the \adagiopr\Reports\Custom folder and all its contents to the same folder on the new computer, so that you will have your customized reports available.

Then on the new computer, run System/Company/Preferences  (Forms tab) and click the Refresh button.

5. Install the latest Payroll Tax Update Install the latest Payroll Tax Update, which is cumulative for each year, so you'll be running the current year's Payroll tax calculations.

6. Install Add-on - If you purchased the Tax Form Kit, Direct Deposit or Report Customizer, etc., then you need to install those products separately from the CD or installer file you received from us

7. Restore Window Defaults -The size and position of 21st Century Payroll for Adagio windows may not be correct after your move. In extreme cases a window may not even be visible when you select a command (one example would be if, the  monitor resolution is different between old and new computer).

Run "System/Restore Window Defaults" to re-set the size and position of the program’s windows to the defaults.

8. Review Preferences - Run System/Company/Preferences and review the settings on each panel. If you copied the "config" file from the old computer to the correct folder on the new computer, the settings will be the same. Check these settings to make sure.  These settings need to be correct before you post or print.

9. Re-select printers - Printer selections on the old computer may not be valid for the new computer. Re-do the printer selection for plain paper and checks. In the System/Select Printer window, verify or select the correct printer and click OK to exit the window whether you changed the selected printer or not.   This will ensure the selection is registered in the new environment.

10. Remove programs from the old computer - On the old computer, run Start/Settings/Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.  Remove 21st Century Accounting and any entries for Pervasive from the old computer.

11. Complete network installation if necessary - If you have other new computers that you will be using as 21st Century Payroll for Adagio workstations, then perform a "Client" installation on those, using the latest installation CD or links you have received from us.