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Enhancements and Problems Fixed in Version 6.2.01

  • Hourly Override in Timecards - If you have "Allow hourly rate override on timecards?" enabled in Payroll/Configure/Company Information, you can now override the rate on accruals just like hourly wages.

  • Indiana Quarterly Wage Report (SUTA) Electronic Filing - Correction to the upload file for Indiana Quarterly Wage Reporting Electronic Filing. Please install the most recent Payroll Tax Update along with this upgrade. After installation, you will need to reconfigure (OK) your Indiana Employees in Payroll/Configure/Employees.

    After reconfiguring your employees, you will be able to add the Work Location Zip Code and the Standard Occupation Classification Code in the Personnel tab of each employee that will be included in the report. These codes are required for all employees contained in the report. You will then be able to produce the upload file in Payroll/Electronic Filing/Indiana Quarterly Wage Report.
  • Calculate Payroll Income Factors - Calculate Payroll will now skip over Overtime Multiplier income factors when looking for an income rate to use for accruals payout.
  • Help Menu Items - Some Help Menu items have been updated.



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