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General Ledger Account Segment Names

Use the General Ledger/Configure/GL Account Segment Names windows to give values and names to the account segments you have set up to represent departments, divisions, regions, stores, cost/revenue centers, or whatever the subidivisions are by which you track your business.

Assigning Segment Values and Names

When you run General Ledger/Configure/GL Account Segment Names, a submenu lists the segments that you can name. For example, if your account structure contains departments and divisions, pick Departments from the submenu to provide values and names for department 1, department 2, and so on. Pick Divisions from the submenu to provide segment values and names for division 1, division 2, and so on.

Using Segment Values and Names

When replicaing accounts

When you select the Configure/Chart of Accounts tool to "Replicate selected accounts," the replicate function uses the names you assigned in the Configure/G/L Account Segment Names window. (Otherwise, the system creates a default name for each new account.)

When departmentalizing Payroll

Say that your company has departments and you want to track Payroll expenses and liabilities by department. You provide the department names in the Configure/GL Account Segment Names/Departments window and in Payroll you assign employees to departments by those department names. When you post paychecks (using departmentalization), the system posts expenses and liabilities for each employee to the accounts that are based on the employee's assigned department.

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