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21st Century Accounting Help - System/Company


Use System/Company/Recreate to set up a new company based on the configuration data in an existing company such as the general ledger Chart of Accounts, customer names and addresses, payment terms, and so forth. Recreate does not copy transaction data such as account balances and histories.

Once you select the company to be recreated and the new company name, the existing company data is displayed in application folders. You can choose an entire application or you can open an application folder and choose exactly what subsets of data from the existing company to transfer to the new company. For example, you wish to create a new Receivables-only company based on a company that includes both receivables and Payables information. From the existing company display, you can select only General Ledger, Receivables, and Sales (omitting Payables) for setting up the new company.

To create a company that includes only the Chart of Accounts of an existing company, select only "General Ledger" for recreation. The recreated company's Chart of Accounts is automatically set up in the new company.

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