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System/Company/Verify Company

Use System/Company/Verify periodically to ensure the integrity of your data. The Verify window will show you all the available verification programs that are currently applicable. Test runtimes depend on the size of the company data you are verifying. Run the tests overnight if the company being tested is a large one.

Some tests repair minor data damage that may have occurred due to power outages or Windows problems. If you see an error message such as "Error: Get Prev: I/O error (probably file corruption) in <filename>," run the tests immediately.

Select the data to verify

When you run this command, the system displays a dialog box that lets you select a company from the 21st Century Accounting data folder. Click the drop-down list icon to see a list of companies to select from. (Select "Choose a different location" from the drop-down list if your company is not in the 21st Century Accounting data folder. Use this dialog box to browse to the drive and folder where you want to look for the company you want to work with. Shortcut to "different location" window: F9.)

Select the verification tests to run

In the Verify window "Tests to run" pane, mark "All tests" or mark the individual checkboes next to the tests you want to run on the selected company.

Repair damage if possible

Check the box if you want the system to attempt to repair damage that it finds. The repair process for different tests depends on the type of verification:

  • The repairs may be made as the test proceeds.
  • The test may generate a batch of data that you can review before posting.
  • The test may recommend other procedures for you to perform.

You can run the tests without checking this box to see if the data is damaged. The tests may not run to completion if they encounter damage. The tests will report (in the Output window) successful completion or any problems causing incomplete test runs. When you check the box to "Repair damage if possible," the repairs may allow the tests to run to completion.

View output

The system prints an informational file in the Verify window "Output" pane and saves the file as a log called syverify.txt in the company directory of the company being verified. You can scroll and review the log in the Verify window Output pane or review the log later from the Help menu. The system appends the output from each test to the syverify.txt log file.

Log file size

The system tracks the size of the log file (syverify.txt). Since the log can grow large and since it eventually contains information that is no longer useful, you can use the Delete log button periodically to clear some disk space.


  • Delete log. You can use the Delete log button periodically to clear some disk space by deleting the log created by the verification tests.
  • Process. Once you select a company and check which tests to run, press the Process button to start running the verification tests you selected.
  • Stop. Press the Stop button to stop running testing that is currently in progress and to unselect the tests you selected. You may wish to stop processing so you can select different tests or so you can turn on the option to "Repair damage if possible." Then press Process again.
  • Cancel. Press the Cancel button to close the window.

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