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21st Century Accounting Help - General Ledger


  • Flexible Financial Reports. Classic built-in financial reports may suit your needs, or you can create your own financials with complete control over the columns - the types of data - and the rows - the captions and the G/L accounts after each caption.
  • Budgeting. Set up budgets for any G/L accounts and then produce comparisons of historical, current, and projected (budgeted) activity.
  • Statement of Cash Flow. A built-in financial report provides a statement of cash flow.
  • Flexible Account Numbers. General Ledger account numbers can consist of up to 5 segments for a total of 20 characters. This powerful feature gives you financial reporting at the level of division, department, region - and even product line or indvidual performer.
  • Unlimited Open Periods. You can keep unlimited open periods, up to 13 open periods per fiscal year. You can close or not close periods and years, as your situation requires.
  • Custom Journals. You can create custom journals for recording recurring types of business transactions that do not result in a bank deposit.
  • Recurring Entries. Set up and save batches of regular periodic General Journal and custom journal entires and post them each period.
  • Unlimited History. You decide how long to retain historical information.
  • User-Formatted Numbers. You can set up formats for transaction numbers (IDs) throughout 21st Century Accounting, using (if you wish) substitution string tools that automatically generate numbers, dates, or posting periods as part of the number.
  • User-Defined Source Codes. In addition to the provided source codes, you can define your own codes to identify and subtotal transactions in the general ledger.
  • Flexible Financial Calendar. You can change the financial calendar at any time for open years. The system reposts transactions in the affected year so that period balances relfect the new calendar.

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