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Quick Checks

You can use the Payables/Quick Checks window to enter a vendor invoice, enter the payment, and print a check for the vendor on the spot. This feature is useful for paying for repairs and other services that a vendor performs at your place of business—and for which the vendor expects payment upon leaving. You can enter any number of quick checks in a session, but you'll most likely use the window to make printed check payments to occasional, "walk-in" vendors.

Enter and review the invoice or invoices before you print the chequecheck.  Be sure that chequecheck forms are inserted and aligned in your printer, or select the printer you use for chequeschecks.  Click the Print chequeschecks button or press Alt-P when you're ready to print.

Account Prompts

When you set up Payables, depending on your company's requirements, you can configure a single set or any number of sets of default account prompts. You assign each vendor a set of prompts. Then, when you enter an invoice, the G/L distributions box displays the affected vendor's account prompts for fast, efficient data entry. You may want to set up an occasional vendor and a set of appropriate account prompts. Or you can manually distribute the purchase.

Invoices you pay immediately by chequecheck are posted to the bank account you indicate in the invoice window.

One Batch

You enter one batch of invoices/payments per session.  The batch is posted when you approve the printed check(s).

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