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Calculate Payroll

Use the Payroll/Calculate Payroll window to initiate a Payroll run. You can process paychecks for employees in different pay frequencies.

Pay factors tab

Use the Pay factors tab to enter or modify required information such as hours, sales, and piece counts, and to override some pay factor configuration information when necessary, on a one-time or permanent basis. 
Asterisks (*) mark the factor values that you can save as permanent changes to the employee's configuration.

Processing Pay with Timecards

If Timecards exist with End dates that are before or on the End date of a selected pay frequency, Calculate Payroll uses the Timecards to calculate payroll for the employees in that frequency.

Distribution tab

Using Timecards

Use the Distribution tab to review the pay factors, hours, pieces, amounts, and their distributions that were provided by the Timecards. You cannot edit information from Timecards on the Distribution tab. The distributions you see will be posted once you complete the pay cycle. If you see an error, correct and resubmit the Timecard before any errors can be posted.

You will be able to review Timecard data on the Distribution tab even if your Payroll company configuration does not allow manual distribution of earnings. 

To allow manual distribution of earnings by any employees without Timecards, “allow manual distribution” must be turned on in the Payroll configuration.  Otherwise, the distribution tab is blank for employees without Timecards.

Timecards account distribution override

The explicit G/L distribution accounts for the pay factors on Timecards in a given pay run override any explicit accounts or any implicit accounts that would result for distribution of those factors in that pay run using any of the methods described below.

The posting methods below apply only when a Timecard is not used.

With "Post expenses and liabilities to employee department" turned on

Use the Distribution tab to modify the percentage distribution of the expenses and liabilities associated with an employee's pay. You set up the "default" distribution when you assign employees to departments (or whatever you named the segment you use for departmentalization) in the Configure/Employees window. When the default distribution doesn't apply — the employee's work pattern is different this pay period — you change the departmental distribution as appropriate.

The Distribution tab in the Calculate or ATF window displays the employee's assigned departments and the default percentages from the employee configuration. Enter the percent of time the employee worked in each department during the pay period to distribute the employee's pay factors by department. Click OK to save the distribution for the system to use when posting the employee's paycheck.

With "Allow manual distribution of earnings" turned on

Use the Distribution tab to modify the distribution of an employee's gross income to up to 10 general ledger accounts by percentage, by hours worked, or by amounts. To be manually distributed, the earnings factors (incomes and vacation/sick payouts) must be configured to allow manual distribution. Click OK to save the distribution for the system to use when posting the employee's paycheck.

With both Payroll departmentalization by G/L account segment and Allow manual distribution turned on

If the company is configured for departmentalization by G/L account segment and to allow manual distribution, and an employee's pay factors are configured to post to the employee's departments, you specify departments in the manual distribution window as well as G/L accounts. The system distributes nonearnings factors to departments in the same proportions as you distribute earnings. Click OK to save the distribution for the system to use when posting the employee's paycheck.

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