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Use Payroll/Configure/Employees to set up new employees and to maintain existing employees you set up or employees who were converted from another electronic Payroll. 

  • On the Payroll information tab, you set up name, ID, and pay frequency. You assign pay factors (incomes with WC Codes if applicable, deductions, noncash benefits, vacation and sick accruals, and taxes) that were not globally assigned, customize amounts and percentages as required, and remove factors that should not be assigned. Also in the Employees window pay factors area, you provide employee-specific tax information for federal and state Payroll tax withholding, such as filing status, number of dependents, and so forth. In this area you can assign rate multipliers to hourly employees and assign an hourly rate as each Overtime multiplier's base rate.

  • On the Personnel tab, you enter the employee's home address and other information such as job title, birthdates, hire date, review date, categories, Direct Deposit bank information (if installed and activated), and free-form notes. 

  • Use the Department tab (if departmentalizing by G/L account segment) to assign the employee to up to 10 departments and to enter default percentages for departmental pay distribution. (The name of the tab will actually be the name of the segment you choose for departmentalization by G/L account segment in your Payroll company configuration – Department, Cost Center, Location, or whatever you call the segment.)

Terminating and deleting employees

If you delete an employee, the employee's status is automatically set to Terminated. If you "undelete" the employee — that is, the employee returns to employment, you must reset the status to Active if you want to calculate Payroll for the employee.

Memorize button

You can use the Memorize feature (by pressing the Memorize button at the bottom of the window) to use one employee's Personnel and Department information as a template for the next employee you enter. Memorize also sets up the template with all the pay factors that were configured to be auto assigned. 

Make the best use of the Memorize and "auto assign" features by organizing your employees into similar groups (all in Department 1, all salaried, and so forth) before you begin entering them into the system.

When you recover a company using System/Company/Recover, the memorized employee template is lost. You must open the Employees window and re-Memorize the model employee before you can enter more employees using the template.

Unprocess button

After running Calculate or ATF Payroll, you may see that you need to modify employee information in the Configure/Employees window that affects pay and then recalculate Payroll. With the Unprocess button, you can "throw away" an employee's Payroll processing. Click the Unprocess button, do whatever editing is necessary, OK the employee changes, click Save changes in the left pane, and then reenter Payroll for the employee in Calculate or ATF Payroll.

If you have printed the employee's check (Calculate Payroll) or posted (ATF Payroll), you cannot edit employee information that affects pay unless you void the current pay period check or close the pay period.

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