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Direct Deposit

(Run Configure/Company Information.  You have already "turned on" Direct Deposit in the Company Information window.  You need to do this only once unless your provider changes.)

Mark the checkbox.  If you purchased and installed 21st Century Payroll Direct Deposit and turned on DD in the Payroll company configuration, you can mark the Direct Deposit checkbox in Payroll/Configure/Employees if the employee has elected Direct Deposit of paychecks. You also supply the ID (routing number) of the employee’s bank and the employee’s bank account number and type. If the paycheck is to be distributed among multiple accounts, you can enter the information for up to five bank accounts.

Uncheck the Direct Deposit checkbox to turn off Direct Deposit for this employee.

Submit a NACHA Prenote File for Direct Deposit (NACHA interface users only).  If you’re using the NACHA interface, from the Payroll menu you generate a special file called a "prenote" file to test the company’s Direct Deposit setup. Submit this test file according to your provider’s instructions.

Calculate Payroll and print paychecks.  The Payroll run calculates Payroll for Direct Deposit employees and for employees who want a printed paycheck. Then you print and post regular checks (if any) from within Calculate Payroll or with Print/Paychecks for the employees who want printed paychecks.  (Payroll will only print regular, negotiable paychecks for Direct Deposit employees if you check the "Real checks for Direct Deposit employees" checkbox.)

Print Direct Deposit Paychecks.  Then you run Payroll/Print/Direct Deposit Paychecks to –

  1. Print a non-negotiable check and stub for distribution to employees
  2. Post the pay run for Direct Deposit employees
  3. Create the file that contains each Direct Deposit employee’s paycheck and bank account information.

ATF Payroll for Direct Depositors.  If you enter After-the-Fact Payroll for Direct Deposit employees, be sure to enter special check numbers to help you identify the Direct Deposit transactions in reports and in bank reconciliation.

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