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Submitting TX Workforce Commission Quarterly Report

QuickFile Submission (requires Internet access)

QuickFile provides a procedure that checks your electronic file to make sure that the format is acceptable to the TWC and that data such as sums are correct.  If your electronic file passes the validation tests, QuickFile will then guide you through the process of sending the electronic file to the TWC.
As stated on the TWC web site: “QuickFile users should not wait until the last day to submit tax reports, as unforeseen network problems or program errors may delay transmission and result in late report penalties.”
The steps you see in the instructions below may not coincide exactly with the QuickFile procedures on the TWC site.  As stated on the TWC site, “TWC pages may change at any time without notice. Entities and individuals linking to the TWC web domains are responsible for continuously verifying links ….”

To set up for QuickFile submission (a one-time task) –

  • Browse to the Texas Workforce Commission web site.  If clicking this link doesn’t take you to the TWC site, cut and paste the link http://texasworkforce.org/ into your browser.
  • In the left hand column on the TWC home page, click Employers: File and pay taxes online (or whatever appears to be the equivalent).
  • Click Quickfile (Wage Reporting Program) (or whatever appears to be the equivalent).
  • Follow the instructions for acquiring QuickFile (by download or by ordering on CD).
  • Install QuickFile on your computer.
  • Before you can transmit your electronic file to the TWC, you’ll need a TWC account.  Login to the TWC’s ETIO website.
  • Find and complete the form to register for access to the Employer Tax Information Online System.  Make a note of your TWC account number.

To submit a report –

  • In your 21st Century software, run Configure/Taxes and select TX SUTA.
  • TX SUTA “Reporting ID.  .Enter your TWC account number.  Your TWC account number must be in the TWC Quarterly Report electronic file.
  • Run Payroll/Electronic Filing/Texas TWC Quarterly Report.
  • Create the TWC electronic file for submission.
  • Open Quickfile on your computer with the Start menu or from the icon on your desktop.
  • Click ICESA format
  • Browse to the electronic TWC Quarterly Report file on your hard drive.  The location of the file is in the Notes that are displayed when you process Texas Quarterly Electronic Filing and in the Texas TWC Quarterly Report window at “Output file” near the top under “Tax year” and “Quarter.”
  • In QuickFile, click Validate.  Correct errors and reprocess if necessary.
  • Click Submit.
  • QuickFile will walk you through the submission of your electronic report to the TWC.


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