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Payroll Check Register

Use Print/Timecard Batch to review the data entered on existing Timecards. For example, to verify accurate data entry, you can print the Timecard batch and compare the Timecards entered into the system with the records of hours and jobs your. employees submitted.

The Timecard Batch report can include income name, number of hours or pieces, amount, department name, distribution account ID, workers’ comp. code, and job cost job codes if you interface with Job Cost.┬áTotals are given for the hours and dollar amounts that appear on the Timecard.

You can also print the current Timecard batch with the Print button in the Timecards window.

Selection Options

You can select by the following:

  • All or selected Employees
  • Timecard end date
  • Show Timecards already used in Calculate Payroll?
  • Suppress zero lines

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