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Run the Payroll/Timecards command to enter data from your employee Timecards into 21st Century payroll processing.  When you use Timecards to collect pay data that will produce paychecks, this is the first step. Then you run Calculate Payroll.


To submit each job on the Timecard as a unit for the entire period covered by the Timecard, simply leave the date in the “Workdate” column the same as the “Timecard end date.” When you submit employee work in sub-units, the Workdate on this line is the end date for the amount of work on the job that was completed by the employee by midnight of that Workdate. 

Enter jobs, hours, one-time payouts

Use Payroll/Timecards to enter hours worked, jobs or departments worked in, and the hours taken as vacation or sick leave that your employees report on their Timecards. You can also enter one-time pay amounts such as, for example expense reimbursements, savings plan payouts, and bonuses. Enter pieces for piece rate incomes and sales amounts for sales commissions.

Enter distributions

When jobs are clocked separately by Income factor, by department, by Workers’ Comp. classification, or for any other reason, you can use Timecards to distribute payroll expenses accordingly. The G/L account distributions entered in the Timecards window override any other distributions, for the same incomes, that may exist in Payroll.

Hourly rates

Change the hourly rate as needed. The changed rate is temporary and will not permanently change the employee record. With this option enabled, you can also specify multiple different rates for the same hourly rate pay factor.
Note: This field will only show if the “Override on timecards?” box is checked in Payroll/Configure/Company Information.

Save as recurring timecard for this employee

Turn one-time, working Timecards into Recurring Timecards in this window by checking the option labeled "Save as recurring timecard for this employee." You can also create new Recurring Timecards in the Recurring Timecards window.

Calculate payroll

Once you finish filling in and saving all the Timecards you want to process in a payroll run, run Calculate Payroll to complete the operation. Calculate Payroll plugs the Timecard data in when you open the Calculate Payroll window. If the data from the Timecards provides all the information you need to prepare paychecks, you can simply open the Calculate Payroll window, select the pay frequency, and print checks. 

When all the information on a Timecard has been plugged into the calculation of a payroll run which is then posted, the working Timecard is considered "used up." Unless a Recurring Timecard exists for the employee, you will need to create a new working Timecard for the employee for the next payroll run. 


  • Delete.  Click the Delete button to delete the individual Timecard from this set.  The Recurring Timecard “template” if one exists, is not affected.
  • Unprocess.  Click the Unprocess button to if you need to correct a Timecard and resubmit it to Calculate Payroll.  An unprocessed Timecard is automatically “Unselected” by Calculate Payroll.  Make your changes, reopen Calculate Payroll and reselect and recalculate the employee.  Calculation uses the corrected Timecard.

(Saving a Timecard or including a Timecard in Calculate Payroll always involves processing and under most circumstances will “freeze” the Timecard so it can’t be changed until Calculate Payroll is finished with the Timecard or until you “unprocess” it.)

  • Restore.  Click the Restore button to undo any changes made to the Timecard since the last time the Timecard was saved.
  • Next.  Click the Next button to move to the next Timecard.  The Next function lets you flip quickly through the online Timecard entry forms as you flip through your stack or list of paper Timecards.

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