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Print statements for customers showing balance forward for balance forward customers and itemized charges for open item customers, with payments, current and past due amounts, current and year-to-date finance charges, and special message lines.

When you print statements, the system automatically applies credits to new transactions for balance forward customers.

Statement date

Enter the date range for which to print statements.  The “to” date is the statement date.

Selection Options

You can select by the following fields:

  • All or selected Customers
  • All or selected Categories
  • All or a selected Billing cycle
  • All or a selected Account status (including zero balance, not including zero balance, or past due)

Statement message

Enter a text message of up to three lines to print on the statements if you wish.  For example, you might use these lines for a friendly greeting, for advertising, or to provide your email address and web page.

Force Payment Due to

For Balance Forward customers, you can enter a date you want printed on the statement at Force Payment Due to.  If you do not enter an explicit Payment Due date in this field, the Payment Due date that prints on statements for balance forward customers is determined by the “to” Statement date and the balance forward customer payment terms.

Sort Options

You can sort the statements by one of the following fields:

  • Name
  • ID

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