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21st Century Accounting Help - System/Company


Use the System/Company/Select to open an existing company to work with. To save time, if you frequently work with the same company, you can turn on the user preference in System/User IDs to automatically select the company you worked with most recently when you last opened 21st Century Accounting. You can also select a company from a list of up to four recently opened companies on the System menu.

The Select Company Window

When you run this command, the system displays a dialog box that lets you select a company from the 21st Century Accounting data folder. Click the drop-down list icon to see a list of companies to select from.

Select "Choose a different location" from the drop-down list if your company is not in the 21st Century Accounting data folder. Use this dialog box to browse to the drive and folder where you want to look for the company you want to work with. Shortcut to "different location" window: F9.)

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