21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Company Setup

Customizing Reports and Forms

You can change the appearance of 21st Century Accounting plain-paper reports and forms such as checks and invoices. You must first enable to the report customizer under System/Customize Reports and Forms.

Forms Customization Examples

You may want to change sales invoices in a way that you think will be more attractive to certain customers. Using the Report Customizer, you can move elements around, add graphics, save the invoice with a new name, and instruct your staff to print this "special" invoice for special customers.

Or say that 21st Century Accounting checks don't quite print correctly on your preprinted check forms.  Use the Report Customizer to make sure that check text and numbers fit into their proper locations on your check form.  If you wish, now you can rearrange the payee's name and address, in a big, bold font, for mailing the check in any non-standard window envelope.

Reports Customization Example

You may find that your staff seldom uses certain data on reports.  Using the Report Customizer, you can "hide" the data your clerks don't need, save the report with a new name, and instruct your staff to print their "special" reports.

Deactivating the Report Customizer

The Report Customizer functions automatically become inactive when you leave 21st Century Accounting. You can deactivate (and reactivate) without closing the system by clicking the command Customize Reports and Forms. The command is not active when it is not checked.


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