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Entering Cash and Credit Card Receipts from a Cash Register (Deposits)

You may do a mix of sales that includes credit card, cash, and check payments into a cash register from non-Receivables customers. The Tutorial, Configure Cash Receipts Journal, shows you how to create a cash receipts journal that you use to deposit cash register receipts. Now we’ll show you how to use the journal.

Select Arnold Plumbing for the company. We’ll use the company you created to show you how to use the cash receipts journal you worked with in the Setup tutorial.

Run Bank Accounts/Deposits.

Select the Checking Account in the Batch Options window and click OK.

Select Cash/Cr Crd Receipts at Receipt type. This is the cash receipts journal that was set up with Bank Accounts/Configure/Cash Receipts Journal.

Enter 1000 at Receipt amount. This is the total amount of cash and checks received from customers (NOT INCLUDING the credit card receipts).

For example, if you are recording a deposit that consists of $1,000 in cash and $2,000 in credit card slips, enter $1,000 for the Receipt amount. Then you distribute the $2,000 in credit card receipts at the credit card account prompt(s) from your special cash receipts journal below.

At American Express, enter 800 debit.

At Master Card, enter 800 debit.

At Visa Card, enter 200 debit.

At Discover Card, enter 200 debit.

At Taxable Income, enter 3000 credit.

The entry is balanced and complete. Click OK.

Deposits window Cash register deposit

Bank Accounts: Deposits window, Cash register deposit

Click Post batch.


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