Support for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

21st Century Payroll support for the Affordable Care Act consists of


Starting in 2016 (for the 2015 calendar year), all “large” employers must report details of their offer of health benefits to both the IRS and to their full time employees, if offered. 21st Century Payroll can assist with complying with the new regulations. Some of the required information is already retained in C21’s employee transaction history. A few changes that you can make now will ensure that this information is retained in a manner that permits it to be extracted from C21. 

A big change of focus

Until now, most regulatory reporting with respect to payroll activity (W-2, SUTA, and FUTA) involved dollars.  The ACA emphasizes tracking “hours of service” rather than dollars paid.  “Hours of service” is not the same as “hours worked”.  Under the ACA, “hours of service” means each hour for which an employee is paid, or entitled to be paid, for the performance of duties for the employer, and each hour for which an employee is paid, or entitled to be paid, during which no duties are performed. 

In addition, payroll information was reported by the calendar quarter or year, indicated by the payroll check date.  Hours of service must be tracked on a calendar month basis. This presents new challenges for accurate tracking for employers who run weekly or biweekly payrolls. 

Requirements for printing 1095s

  • C21 Integration with Pro-Ware (only available over the web, not available on disk)
  • Pro-Ware ACA 1095 Reporting (sold separately)
  • You must have Excel or Open Office

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