C21 Tips for Efficiency in Payroll

The following tips may be helpful while you are reconfiguring your employees for 2020

  1. Before installing the February 1, 2020 Payroll Tax Update, preview and save a PDF of the Employee Pay Configuration report:

    • Go to Payroll/Print/Employee/Pay Configuration
    • Select Pay Factor : US FIT
    • Click OK
    • Click Preview
    • Save to a PDF
  2. Always make regular backups of all of your companies in of these ways:

    • Go to System/Company/Backup and backup to a location you will remember.
    • In Windows Explorer, navigate to your C21 location. Most likely in C (Windows). Copy the companies listed in your C21/data folder and paste them into a portable location you will remember.
  3. When you run Calculate Payroll, if you want to select a small number of employees to calculate with varying pay frequencies, do the following:
    • Enter the Start and End dates in the "Calculate Payroll: Select" window.
    • When the Calculate Payroll window opens, hit Shift and the down arrow on your keyboard to select all of the employees in the Calculate window.
    • Hit the spacebar to Unselect them all. All of the employees should say, "Unselected" except the first employee listed. You can unselect this employee by highlighting and spacebar.
    • Scroll down to the employees you would like to run payroll for and click the Spacebar to select each one.
    • You can change the order of your employees by Employee ID, Name, Status, or Pay Frequency by clicking the appropriate button at the top of the Calculate Payroll window.
  4. If you would like to "hide" employees that are inactive or terminated, do the following. Please note that you will still need to reconfigure them for 2020 W-4s. If they are inactive, you can just OK them:

    • Go to Payroll/Configure/Employees.
    • Click on the employee you would like to "hide."
    • Click Delete. This does not permanently delete them. You can always Undelete them at anytime.
    • Click OK to save changes.
    • Go to System and check Hide Deleted Accounts.