Feel assured knowing that your company data is accurate and secure.

  • Period Locking: Prevent wrong-period entries before they happen!
  • Create business-specific "mini general journals" to ensure correct distribution of daily transaction entries.
  • Tools for tracking inventory item quantity on hand from receipt to multiple locations to sale.
  • Create and utilize as many companies as you need.
  • Custom Journals - ensure correct distribution of periodic transactions
  • Flexible security options to suit your company’s needs

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21st Century Accounting Security

Creating Companies

You can create a new "empty"company from scratch or you can selecte a model company upon which to base the created company. Some sample configurations have been set up in each model company, which you can edit, delete, and add to, as required by the business.

Item Tracking

21st Century Accounting Item Tracking is an easy-to-use set of tools for tracking the items you sell- your company primary asset. Run Item Tracking/Configure/Company to configure the currently selected company for Item Tracking so you can start keeping track of the location and quantity-on-hand of the products you purchase for selling to customers.


You can control a group access to entire application (such as System, General Ledger, or Payables) or to individual commands (such as Customize Windows, General Journal, or Create Payments). Access Control allows you to prevent unauthorized access to confidential company information.

  • Network support
  • User ID
  • Company Password
  • Menu-level access control security
  • User defined history