Completely customizable and easy to read financial reports that allow you to see where you are and where you are going!

  • Fully GAAP compliant, providing a complete audit trail.
  • Customizable General Ledger account categories.
  • Automatic and customizable financial reports, including Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Trial Balance Reports and Statement of Cash Flow.
  • Record and track your business transactions by any accounting subdivision.

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21st Century Accounting Financial Reports

    21st Century Accounting financial reports are based on the financial report templates. When you customize a template, the report(s) that are based on the template will reflect your template customizations. The report will print data using the accounts and captions in the template. When you create or modify a financial report, you explicitly designate the template to base it on.

    21st Century Accounting provides a number of automatic financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, trial balance reports, and cash flow statements. The system may already provide all the financial reports you need. You don't necesarily have to customize or design your own reports. Many users find that the reports provided by the system are perfectly adequate for their financial reporting.

    At the heart of your accounting system, your chart of accounts allows you to record and track your business transactions by type of transaction. Your chart of accounts represents the foundation of your business. Financial reports let you check the soundness of that foundation. The C21 flexible account structure gives you the ability to post by department, division, by cost center, by revenue center, or by any other accounting subdivisions your company requires.