Efficiency is essential to your daily success!

  • Complete online context Help and task-oriented instructions
  • Reorder and re-label fields in windows for efficient data entry and leave "sticky note" instructions and tips for other users.
  • No mouse required: Enter all data using only the keyboard and numeric keypad.
  • Add customers, vendors, GL accounts and more on the fly
  • Automatic lookup
  • Create and utilize as many companies as you need.
  • Drill-down to details in report Preview windows.
  • Multiple open batches in all data entry modules.

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21st Century Accounting Efficiency

Efficiency and ease in setting up your company

21st Century Accounting offers complete online context Help and task-oriented instructions as well as an easy-to-use Checklist for setting up 21st Century Accounting available through the Help menu. Your 21st Century Accounting applications are fully integrated and as your company's needs grow and change over time, you'll move back and forth among the applications as you configure new functions.

21st Century Accounting has a wide variety of ease-of-use features built around the most solid accounting engine in the industry. 

Drill Down from Data Entry Windows and Report Previews

  • Double-click on a transaction to open a new window with details of the transaction
  • Add new configuration items on the fly


  • Search lists with the "Find" function
  • Add G/L accounts, customers, vendors, and attributes on the fly
  • Use the Plus (+) and Minus (-) keys to change the transaction date or check date
  • Pop up the calculator with tape display; copy and paste from and to application fields
  • Back up easily, frequently, compactly for quick data recovery back to any point in time
  • Evoke selector lists at multiple-choice fields
  • Use the Tab, or Alt key for data entry
  • "Sticky notes" for window-specific notes, tips, or instructions
  • Popup finder for finding particular items and characters in lists

Item Tracking

  • Tools for tracking inventory item quantity on hand from receipt to multiple locations to sale
  • Serial number support
  • Update QOH from item entry function or from physical counts
  • Fully integrated with sales orders and sales Invoices;
    posting a sales invoice reduces QOH and removes specified serial numbers from stock.