Accounts Payables

  • Payables Processing. Process regular vendor invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and other adjustments. Automatically produce payments to vendors selected by due date or selected individually. Save, print, review, and edit vendor payments before you print checks.

  • Recurring (Automatic) Payments. Set up, save, and post batches of regular periodic vendor invoices to enter recurring vendor charges into the system (such as rent and utilities, for example.)

  • Multiple Control Account Sets. Define any number of control accounts sets if you need different payables, discounts, and cash control accounts for different types of purchases and/or vendors.

  • Vendor Categories. Sort vendors on reports by up to three categories that you define.

  • Use-Formatted Numbers. You can set up formats for transaction numbers (IDs) throughout 21st Century Accounting, using (if you wish) substitution string tools that automatically generate numbers, dates, or posting periods as part of the number.

  • Powerful, Flexible Check Printing. Selecting vendors for payment and reprinting checks if your printer jams is fast, flexible, and intuitive.

  • Print a Check on the Spot. You can enter a vendor invoice, pay it, and print a check to hand or mail to the vendor immediately.

  • Cash Requirements. Print a report showing how much cash you need to meet your Payables obligations.