Protect Social Security Numbers on W-2s

The IRS is now allowing W-2 Forms sent to employees to only show the last four digits of employee Social Security numbers. You can now print W2 forms from C21 that hide the SSN if the option is selected.

Please follow these instructions to hide the SSN:

  1. Enable the Report Customizer. Click the System menu and check "Customize Reports and Forms."
  2. In Payroll/Print/W-2s, select the form you wish to use and Preview.
  3. Right-click inside the form and select "Protect Social Security Number."
  4. Click the Refresh icon at the top right of the form.
  5. You should now see the SSN in the following format: XXX-XX-1234
  6. Print the forms from the Preview window.
  7. To remove the Protect SSN function, uncheck "Protect Social Security Number" and refresh again.