21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Core Applications

An introduction to the core applications of 21st Century Accounting

21st Century Accounting provides the core system management and accounting functions summarized in this section at the time this manual was printed. 

"System management" from the System menu

  • Set up and manage security.
  • Create and manage companies and company-wide preferences.
  • Back up your data and restore backups.
  • Create and manage individual user preferences.
  • Turn "sticky notes" off and on.
  • Turn screen customization on.
  • Manage printers.
General Ledger

  • Manage the selected company’s Financial Calendar, account structure, and Chart of Accounts.
  • Set up G/L custom journals, account budgets, and historical balances.
  • Customize Financial Reports.
  • Enter transactions into General and Custom Journals.
  • Print General Ledger Reports.
Bank Accounts

  • Manage the selected company’s bank accounts and credit card accounts.
  • Set up Cash Receipts Journals.
  • Enter Deposits and manage bank Reconciliation.
  • Enter and optionally print Disbursements Checks for cash-based businesses.
  • Void posted checks and receipts.
  • Print bank-related reports.

  • Manage customers and their attributes (control accounts, sales taxes, payment terms, finance charges, history, and so forth).
  • Manage cyclical Receivables activities (recurring charges, finance charges, statements, and account aging).
  • Print Receivables Reports, Customer Statements, and Mailing labels.
  • Sales.
  • Enter Sales Invoices, Returns, Credit Memos, Debit Memos, Sales Orders, and Invoice Updates.
  • Manage product list.
  • Print Sales Order Analysis Reports, Backorder Report, Product List, Sales Orders, and Picking Tickets.

  • Manage vendors and their attributes (control accounts, sales taxes, payment terms, history, and so forth).
  • Enter Vendor Invoices, Credit memos, Debit memos, and Invoice Updates.
  • Enter sales orders and track backordered items.
  • Generate and print Vendor payment checks or enter manual Vendor payment checks.
  • Print Payables reports, Payables cash requirements, 1099s, and Mailing labels.

  • Manage employees and their attributes (pay, benefits, deductions, taxes, history, and so forth).
  • On timecards, enter hours, department or account distributions, and other employee-specific info (when applicable) and generate payroll runs.
  • Generate payrolls with or without timecards and print paychecks or enter after-the-fact paychecks.
  • Produce W-2s, 941s, tax remittance checks, and print Payroll reports.

  • Open online Help contents and index; follow step-by-step instructions to do Special Tasks; press F1 for context Help at every field.
  • View Tips; turn Tips on and off.
  • Visit 21st Century Accounting on the Web.
  • Send comments and Problem Reports to Technical Support automatically.
  • Send company data to 21st Century Accounting.

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