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Email Invoices and Statements

You can create a PDF file of an invoice or statement that can be emailed as an attachment. Follow these steps:


One Time set up:

    1. In General Ledger/Configure/Company,
      1. Enter the email address that you will be sending invoices from (i.e. your email address).

      2. Click on Configure Email. Enter the name of your email server and port as shown:

    1. If you wish, you may set up the email addresses of your clients in Receivables/Configure/Customers.


  1. Click the Email button at the bottom of the invoice or on the Print Statements screen.  (This button will be enabled only if the steps above have been completed.) 

  2. You can view the email addresses that have received your email by going to Help/Email log.

  3. You can modify the content of the email by making changes to file at C21\data\<company name>\email_template\.  In that folder are two files, invoice.txt and statement.txt. Open the appropriate file, make the necessary changes, and save.

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