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Changing hourly rates during timecard entry

You can override hourly pay rates during timecard entry.  You can also specify multiple rates for the same income factor.  In Payroll/Configure/Company Information, there is an option to “Allow hourly rate override on timecards”.  Check this field if you wish to override hourly pay rates during timecard entry. The hourly rate fields will display on the timecard screen and can be modified.

When this option is enabled, Timecards displays an additional column for Hourly Rate for pay factors of type “Hourly” and “Hourly rate with Overtime Multiplier”.  For overtime multiplier factors, the default rate that is displayed is the Base Factor times the Rate Multiplier.  You can modify this rate. 

Note that if you change an hourly rate which is used as a base factor, other pay factors based on that Base Factor will not be updated with the changed rate. Those will need to be modified in Timecards or Calculate Payroll.  For example, if the base rate defined in Configure Employee is $10 and is changed in Timecards, the other pay factors based on that base rate will not change.  Those will need to be modified in Timecards or Calculate Payroll also.

You can specify multiple different rates for the same hourly pay factor. Add the factor in additional rows in Timecards. The multiple rate information is maintained and displayed in Calculate Payroll and reported on the Payroll Register, Paycheck stub and Direct Deposit Advice. Multiple rate information is also handled in Job Cost interfacing and Workers' Comp reporting as applicable. In Calculate Payroll, the entry will show the total for the pay factor, and indicate with the word <multiple> that the total was arrived at using multiple rates.  The details can be viewed on the Payroll Register prior to check printing.

Timecard Entry

To enable this option, go to Payroll/Configure/Company Information.  Click on “Allow hourly rate override on timecards”.



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