21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Checklists

Bank Accounts

Setting up Bank Accounts consists of assigning general ledger accounts to the bank accounts you use for depositing receipts and making payments and then configuring the system for entering the deposits and payments.

  1. Run Bank Accounts/Configure/Bank Accounts to associate the general ledger accounts you use for banking (making deposits and writing checks) with bank account numbers and checkbook names that identify the accounts at the bank, and as you enter transactions.

  2. Since credit card transactions do not require bank deposits, 21st Century Accounting maintains credit card accounts separately from bank accounts. Run Bank Accounts/Configure/Credit Card Accounts to associate transactions for a given credit card with a G/L account.

  3. Run Bank Accounts/Configure/Cash Receipts Journals to preconfigure sets of customized prompts that appear when you enter a deposit (with Deposits on the Bank Accounts menu). Cash receipts journals do not have a separate transaction entry window.


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