21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Checklists

Creating and Configuring a Company

  1. Use System/Company/Create to create a new company.

  2. Run System/User IDs and System/Access Control to set up user IDs, user preferences, and security.

  3. Now or at any time later, run System/Company/Preferences to configure –

    Forms. Select the form you use to print checks, invoices, statements, and other special forms. The drop-down lists for each document show the form types supported by 21st Century Accounting as well as any other forms provided and properly installed as third-party add-ons

    Report Headers/Footers. Customize printing in standard report headers and footers of any of the information maintained by the system, including company name, date, period, user ID or name, and so forth.

    Document Number Formats. Control the number format of the various types of transactions you enter into the system (invoices, receipts, deposits, journal entries, and so forth).


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