21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Company Setup

Icon Functions

The icons across the top of the window frame perform these functions

            Find.  Type the information you are looking for in the field next to the Find icon and press Enter or click the Find icon to start a search for the first instance of characters you typed.  Press Enter or click the icon again to continue the search.  You can press F3, press Ctrl+F, or mouse-click to move into the Find field.
            Print.  Click the Print icon to open the printer dialog, allowing you to select a printer different from the currently selected printer.  Then click the OK button or the Print button to print the report on the selected printer.
            Export.  Click the Export icon to open the Export dialog, allowing you to export the report as a text file.  You can also select a destination and name for the exported file.
            Undo.  Click the Undo icon to undo the changes you have made since the last time you saved your changes.  If you made more than one change, you can click Undo repeatedly to "undo" them, starting with the most recent change.
            Redo.  Click the Redo icon to restore changes after you "undo" them with the Undo icon.  If you restored more than one change, you can click Redo repeatedly to "redo" them, starting with the most recent "undo."
            Save.  Click the Save icon to save your customized report.
            Refresh.  Click the Refresh icon to refresh the report from the posted data.  The Refresh function allows you to enter and post data while the report is in Preview and then refresh the Preview with the newly posted data.
            Stop.  Click the Stop icon to stop refreshing the displayed report.  Use Stop if you change your mind or if the Refresh function is taking too long.
            Page layout.  Click the Page layout icon to view the report as it will look when you print it on your printer.  Headings, footers, columns, page numbers, subtotals, totals, and so forth all appear in the Preview window as they will appear on the printed pages.  (The Page layout icon is disabled in Form Previews because Forms are already displayed in page layout.)
           Scrolling layout.  Click the Scrolling layout icon (a depressed Page layout icon) to view the report continuously, without page breaks.



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