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Tutorial: Moving a Field

This Tutorial provides detailed steps for moving a field on the laser check stub. 

For our example: on some printers, the Amt. Paid field on the Payables laser check stub is partly outside the print area.  The check looks OK in Preview, but the amount paid is truncated when we print the check. We will move the amount paid over well within the print area.

Run System/Customize Reports and Forms to enable customization.
Select the sample data company, NETCON.
Run System/Company/Preferences and click the Forms tab.
Click the drop-down Selector list icon beside the Checks field and select Customizable Laser Check.
Click the Preview button to the right of the Checks field.
Right-click anywhere on the displayed form and select Show Payables stub from the Customizer tools menu.
Position your mouse pointer on the column on the stub labeled Amt. Paid.

On the screen, you see the Hot Guides for the Amt. Paid column.  You can use the dotted line beneath each column heading to move all the columns up and down.  You can use the dotted line to the right of the Amt. Paid column to move that column left and right.

Position your mouse pointer over the dotted line to the right of the Amt. Paid column. The "activated" Guide turns red and the mouse pointer becomes a double-headed arrow.

Notice that you see the field name @apstublpaid and its horizontal coordinate in the upper frame of the window when you activate the horizontal Guide for the Amt. Paid column.

Click the Guide to grab it, hold down the mouse button, and move the Guide to the left about a quarter inch.
Release the mouse button. 

You have dragged the Amt. Paid column and dropped it into a new position on the check stub, as shown below.

Now notice the new horizontal coordinate for the field @apstublpaid in the upper frame of the window when you activate the horizontal Guide in its new position.

Let's see how the customized check looks on your printer.Click the Print icon  towards the left in the top of the Preview window.  Click OK in the Print window.

Review the printed check. 
Does it look the way you want it to look?  If NOT, in the Preview window, you can change and print, change and print, until you are satisfied with the results. 

Once the results are what you want, click the Save icon  toward the right in the top of the Preview window.

.  Type Custom Check and click the Save button.

The "Installing special forms" counter tells you the customized check form is being saved and added to the Selector list. The system also inserts the your newly customized check form into the Checks field.

To use the check form in the Checks field when you print checks for the selected company in 21st Century Accounting, make sure "Use company preferences" is checked and click OK.


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