21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Getting Started

Getting Help on the Web

Take advantage of all of the assistance available on the 21st Century Accounting Web site:

  • Hot Topics. A page devoted to current "hot" support issues that affect some users. Look first on this page for your issue to see if a solution or workaround is suggested.

  • Knowledge Base. Searchable database with solutions and workarounds for unusual situations, environments, and other problems submitted by users.

  • FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

  • Download Software Upgrades. Available on the Web as installation programs. Download, click to install, and you have the latest new features.

  • Download Payroll Tax Updates. Available on the Web as installation programs, as soon as they are released – a very quick and easy way to obtain tax updates.

  • Tutorials. Printable lessons with screenshots illustrating a number of setup and daily tasks.

  • Daily Operations. A map of daily business operations to 21st Century Accounting functions where you can most efficiently and effectively complete each business operation.

  • Contact Us. Email, phone, fax, and address information for 21st Century Accounting.

You can reach Tutorials, FAQs, and the Knowledge Base by clicking the command on the Help menu. You can also reach all these resources from our home page at http://www.c21accountingsoftware.com/.

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