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Creating a recurring batch


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If you need to record routine sales invoices, or general journal entries, you can create a recurring batch.

For this Tutorial, we will create a recurring batch for vendor payments. From the main C21 menu, Run Payables/Vendor Invoices.

In the Batch Options box, enter the name you would like to use for this recurring batch. Click OK.

In the left pane, in the Vendor Invoices window, right-click the batch you would like to make recurring. Click Make Recurring.

Notice that the folder is now green to indicate that it is a recurring batch. Double-click the batch name to start a new invoice.

Enter the Vendor information for the invoice but leave the payment section blank. You can enter the payment information when you aready to post the invoice. Click OK.

You can enter as many invoices as you need. Click 'Save batch' in the left pane when you are done. You can edit this recurring batch at any time.

When you are ready to print and post the invoices for this batch, righ-click the batch name and select Copy for Posting. You now have a copy of this recurring batch that you can edit and then post. Edit the batch options window if necessary.

You can add or edit information as needed before posting the invoice. To save, click OK. You can post the batch when you are ready. Follow the same procedures for Sales Invoices and General Journal entries.


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