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How do I create and add new columns to the Custom Pay Summary?

The Report columns part of the Custom Pay Summary window displays the data columns that are to be printed or exported in this report. The name of the data column will be the column heading on the printed report or exported file. You create new columns with the "Add column" button. You add, delete, and reorder columns in this area by dragging and dropping with the mouse.

To define a new column

  1. Use the Payroll/Configure/Custom Pay Summary Column properties window to define and modify columns of Payroll data that you export or print with Payroll/Print/ Custom Pay Summary.
  2. You use the "Add column" button to create a new column definition. You can also select Add column from the right-click menu.
  3. In the Column properties window, you perform these tasks, as appropriate:
    • Name the column.
    • Define the data type by selecting from a drop-down list that includes period amount, to-date amount, paycheck number, or employee tax ID (social security number).
    • Define the factor type by selecting from a drop-down list that includes general factor types.
    • Define the factors to include by selecting predefined factor groups from a drop-down list or by selecting individual factors yourself.

To add a column to a report

To add a new column to a report, drag it from the Column choices area over the Report columns area. If you drop the column to the right of all other columns in the report, it will be added at the end. If you drag the new column somewhere on top of the existing columns, a red line appears to indicate where the new column will be inserted into the report.

To delete a column from a report

To delete a column from a report, drag it out of the Report columns area and drop it anywhere else on the screen. The "X" cursor will indicate that dropping the column outside the Report columns area will delete it from the report.

To change the order or the columns on a report

To move a column, use a combination of add and delete operations: drag the column out of Report columns and then drag the column back into the row of columns where you want to insert it.

You can include any given data column only once in a single report. For example, the Net Pay column above could not be included more than once in a single report, although it can be included in multiple different reports.

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