21st Century Accounting Tutorials - Payroll

Recurring Timecards

Use Payroll/Recurring Timecards to create and manage a set of reusable “templates” for the working Timecards that are filled with employee hours and so forth in the Timecards window and that are then used in the payroll run. You can review, modify, and permanently delete these templates in the Recurring Timecards window.

The Payroll supervisor may want to maintain a set of templates that reflect new hires, terminations, and other changes. The supervisor can pare the templates down so they require the Timecard entry clerk to enter only what’s necessary for processing.

You usually "use up" a batch of working Timecards in a payroll run – that is, all the pay data on the Timecards is used by Calculate Payroll to process pay. The system deletes the "used up" working Timecards when you close the pay period. The next time you run Payroll/Timecards, you can call up the existing Recurring Timecards as a new set of working Timecards. You fill in the working Timecards with the data from your current employee source Timecards. (Then run Calculate Payroll to complete the payroll run, "use up" the working Timecards, and begin a new cycle.)

For the steps involved in using Recurring and working Timecards, see “Error: Reference source not found,” on page 184.


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