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General Journal

Use the General Journal to make adjusting or correcting entries to any general ledger account in the system. You enter both debit and credit sides of each transaction to create a balanced entry. You can include as many accounts as you wish in each entry. The system makes sure that the total debit amount equals the total credit amount before you can save the entry, so that the entry and the batch are in balance.

Do not enter historical balances in the General Journal. Use the General Ledger/Configure/Historical Balances command to set up historical and starting balances when you convert a set of books to 21st Century Accounting.

Right-Click Menu Actions

You can perform several actions on General Journal batches by using the right-click menu in the pane that lists the batches and their entries, on the left side of the journal window. Place the cursor on a batch name in the left pane and click the right mouse button. Among the general commands like Rename, New entry, Make recurring, and so forth, the menu lets you choose these special actions:

  • Print batch listing. Print a report on paper, if you wish, showing all of the data entered for each journal entry in the batch. The listing allows you to review the journal entries on paper and verify your data entry before you post the batch. The batch listing is initially displaed in the report Preview window. To print on paper, click the printer icon at the top of the Preview windows.
  • Review batch. Display a summary list of the entries in the batch showing entry number, transaction date, and the debit and credit amounts. Double-click or press F2 on an entry to review the complete entry in the General Journal windows. This listing allows you to review the entries online and verify your data entry before post the batch.


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