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How do I set up security with different levels of access?

If only a few trusted employees use 21st Century Accounting, your security needs are simple. You may only need to configure one or two User IDs for preferences that may differ from one user to the next.

But you'll definitely want to use System/User IDs plus System/Access Control if your company requires different levels of security for different employees. You can set up users or groups of users and control their access to an entire application (such as System, General Ledger, or Payables) or to individual commands (such as Customize Windows, General Journal, or Create Payments). Access Control allows you to prevent unauthorized access to confidential company information.

A user who belongs to more than one group will be denied access to all commands to which access has been denied in all groups to which the user belongs.

For more information at any field in the window, press F1: Help.

Follow these steps.

  1. Double-click the C21 icon on your desktop to start up 21st Century Accounting and use the Guest password to log in.
  2. Run System/Company/Select and double-click Netcon (the sample company) in the Select Company window.
  3. Run the System/User IDs lesson to learn how to set up IDs for the people who use 21st Century Accounting.

  4. Now, for setting security at more sophisticated levels, go on to the next lesson. Run System/Access Control.

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