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How do I set up security starting with User IDs?

Use the System/User IDs window to assign IDs, passwords, and user names. Assigning User IDs and passwords gives you control over who has access to your books and allows users to customize certain ways the system behaves when they use it -- for example, whether the most recently selected company is opened automatically the next time that user logs in.

For more information at any field in the window, press F1: Help.

Follow these steps.

  1. Double-click the C21 icon on your desktop to start up 21st Century Accounting and use the Guest password to log in.
  2. Run System/Company/Select and double-click Netcon (the sample company) in the Select Company window.
  3. Run System/User IDs to set up IDs for the people who use 21st Century Accounting. (Or, you can run System/Access Control, select the Group Membership tab, and press the Add User button.)

  4. Press F9.
  5. Now add a user with the following settings. (You can review the getting started lesson to see how each option works for the user.)

    User ID. sysad
    Password. 13579
    Name. System Administrator
    Delay (in seconds) Press tab.
    Keypad mode. Tab
    Implied decimal in currency. Tab
    Persistent report options dialogs. Tab
    Remember invoice distribution accounts. Tab
    Auto select most recent company. Tab
    Display account integrity warnings. Tab
    Notes color. Tab.
    Language. Tab.
  6. Click OK. Your User ID window looks like this:

  7. Click Save changes
  8. Now go on to the next lesson. Run System/Access Control.

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